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Round fastener project into 2012 new hot investment

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Round fastener project into 2012 new hot investment

release date:2014-12-23 00:00 Source:http://www.ash89.com

Guizhou Taisho round fastener technology exhibition Technology Development Co., Ltd. obtained China patent news caused widespread concern global investors, there are only six week institutional investors expressed considerable interest in cooperation, which also has a global ranking on the industry predators before, another carmaker also joined the ranks of business negotiations and cooperation. Guizhou Taisho exhibition Technology Development Co., Ltd. believe circular fastener 2012 investment project or will become the new hot spot.

After several rounds of financial turmoil succinct, as well as by the global economic gloom spread concept in the United States and China the impact of cold, VC, PE has become reality and demanding increased difficulty in raising the premise, you want fish and bear's paw, enterprises We must have both good ideas, but also the protection of intellectual property, of course, but also have visible market. Patent circular fasteners as a conventional fastener replacement products will certainly lead to a global industrial revolution, after its wide range of industries and application of patented technology outstanding performance circular fasteners, even more so this project increases many selling points. More than 600 billion per year worldwide (of which 500 billion for the fasteners, fastener 100 billion for the opener) is huge enough to attract everyone's attention market. So round fastener project became the focus of attention of investors, but also reasonable.

Guizhou Taisho exhibition Technology Development Co., Ltd. as a technology research and development and transformation of institutions in southwest China, paid special attention to the protection of intellectual property, the entire project in addition to the round fastener an invention patent and two utility model patents, as well as three In the newspaper patent, both entities have applied technology to protect.

According to the Guizhou Taisho exhibition industry Technology Development Co. sources, circular fastener 20 million yuan of investment projects in the first round Zhang successful people from a coal industry.

Guizhou Taisho exhibition Technology Development Co., Ltd. now is not only to obtain capital funding support, it is important to introduce new investors hopes to expand industry access and open up access to the market, and the world's largest production and sales of fasteners and related tools business marriage. So far, the company's small-scale production has started with the conditions, the corresponding technical standards has been completed, the product can be entered commercial stage. Meanwhile, large-scale manufacturers are also actively looking for cooperation and negotiation among Guizhou Taisho exhibition Technology Development Co., Ltd. is worldwide to find relevant partners, hopes and investment institutions, tools, fasteners and matching production and sale cooperation, the circular fasteners quickly to the global promotion, enhance the overall competitiveness of Chinese fastener industry, and would like to change the status quo of China's fastener industry.

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